Financial Flows Into Tropical Commodities

by | May 11, 2020

Tracking capital providers investments in tropical commodities that rely heavily on tropical deforestation.

Capital providers are deeply engaged in financing tropical commodities. An initial sample of companies, drawn from prior research by Chain Reaction Research, reveals over $80 billion in current financing for key tropical commodities. You can explore these linkages in the graphic below, which begins to scratch the surface of the capital exposed to tropical commodities.

 This graphic is powered by Trase.Finance visuals and uses Orbitas data. It was developed by Neural Alpha. We examine companies with major operations in Indonesian or Peruvian palm oil, or Colombian cattle/dairy. Some companies operate in these sectors but are registered in third countries – e.g. palm oil (reg. in Singapore). The flows account for total finance for the company, not just operations in the target countries and commodities.

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