Climate Transitions in Indonesian Palm Oil: Seizing the Opportunity, Managing the Risk

by | Nov 12, 2021

Join Orbitas and ZSL SPOTT for a discussion on their latest data and analysis on how climate transitions will affect the Indonesian Palm Oil Sector.

Orbitas will present the findings from its latest climate scenario analysis for the Indonesian palm oil sector to learn about the risks and opportunities for producers and investors between now and 2050. Depending on the scenario, Indonesia’s palm oil industry could see a USD 9 Billion market value increase for those that optimally respond to climate policies, consumer demand and corporate sustainability initiatives. 

Zoological Society of London (SPOTT) will share the results of their latest palm oil industry assessment which includes specific climate-related metrics for the first time.

The event will also bring in the perspectives of palm oil producers and investors to discuss these findings and how the industry can better prepare for climate transitions.

Speakers Include:

  • Mark Kenber – Managing Director of Orbitas
  • Eleanor Spencer – Palm Oil Technical Advisor, ZSL SPOTT
  • Vemund Olsen – Senior Analyst Sustainable Investments, Storebrand Asset Management
  • Olivier Tichit – Director of Sustainability, Musim Mas Group

DATE: December 1st, 2021


A recording of the event will be made available to all participants.